My name is Michael Jennings. I'm a developer living in Portland looking for front-end work. I graduated from University of California, Los Angeles with a B.S. in Computer Science. I like to build beautiful things with code.

I've had software internships at Amazon, ViaSat, and D&B Credibility Corporation. At each of these companies, I gained valuable experience working with the back-end. More recently, I've shifted my emphasis over to the front-end and have been working on my own time to develop my front-end skills. I've developed a solid understanding of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I'm getting good with Angular, and have also worked a little with Shopify and Wordpress.

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Deftly is a single-page website I built to display some of my generative sketches. A lot of work went into crafting the transitions from sketch to sketch, and I think they turned out well. Building it was really an adventure in javascript. Unfortunately, the javascript I wrote ended up being pretty much unmaintainable, but I learned a lot from the experience and now make a great effort to keep my code as simple as possible. You can see the code for yourself on Github .

My old portfolio site was a single-page, no-scroll site. You can check out the code on Github , but it was built with a node library I'm developing that, unfortunately, I have yet to document, so it might not make a lot of sense.

After I finished building the site, I built a new one (this site) to replace it, partly because the no-scroll format made it difficult to include the content I thought my site needed, and partly because I just wanted to build something. The site is still available at the link below.

This is data visualization I built that compares agricultural and domestic water usage in California. The page was built using Angular, and the animation is done with raw SVG manipulation. You can take a look at the code on Github .

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I worked as a Web Development Intern at D&B Credibility Corporation during the Summer of 2011. At D&B I helped maintain the backend of the company's website and got experience with PHP and MySQL. I also worked with various public API's to gather and validate business information.

I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Amazon during the Summer of 2013. At Amazon I developed a text advertisement data model and implemented an API in Java for creating and updating advertisements within that model.

I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at ViaSat during the Summer of 2012. While there, I worked on a team of three interns to develop a prototype for a home security and automation system. We had a functioning prototype by the end of the Summer.

I worked primarily in Java. My responsibilities on the team included setting up and maintaining an Enterprise Service Bus, developing a rules database using the Drools rules engine, and creating a framework for interfacing with heterogeneous smart devices.

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Feel free to reach out to me for any reason.

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The background photo of this page was taken by the Flickr user Umnak .